Mission Statement

To honour that we are individual entrepreneurs who work together as a whole, allowing us to embark on the journey of change within our society.

The Power of Three, cherished and honours life through health, love, sickness, and death.

The Power of Three Promise:

To use our various skills to provide assistance to all, throughout life’s beautiful stages.

Thank-you for your continued support.

Wellness Starts Here 

Power of Three is a small business located in Port Alberni, British Columbia. We offer a wide variety of health and beauty services provided by our expertly trained and educated staff. You can learn more about what we offer by visiting our services page. 

Jessica and Tatiana have been friends for over a decade, exploring the ends of the Continent through their adventures in business as well as pleasure. The duo always shared a fascination with self-care and the healing industry. The pair, began their educational journey 7 years ago when they moved to Port Alberni and co-created: The Power of Three -mind, body and spirit healing. 

Now, with the expansion of the new store-front location addressed at the corner of third and argyle Port Alberni. The Power of Three’s intention is to better serve a wider demographic of people. You can often catch The Power of Three around town at local events and or donating their time to various charities, and organizations. 

Hoping to create a unique and memorable experience that is tailored to your individual needs, by applying one or more of our many modalities i.e.: dreadlocks, beauty health, wellness, yoga, massage, hair, gatherings and events. We would be honored if you would share your life path with us! 

Beautiful Blessings, 

The Power of Three (T.P.O.T.)

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