Piercing & Make-up



The Inverness Piercing System is a safe and gentle piercing method. The medical device is hand pressured and not a spring-loaded system. The method does not snap the ring through the nostril or ear. The device glides through by hand-pressure making for a smooth and gentle, piercing experience.

Nose Piercing

$50.00 plus tax

Ear Lobe Piercing

$60.00 plus tax

Cartilage Piercing

$30.00 plus tax


Light Make-up

(Approx. 30 Mins) $30.00 plus tax

Full Make-up

(Approx. 1 Hr) $60.00 plus tax

Festival / Glitter Make-up

(15 Mins – 1 Hr) $20.00 – $65.00 plus tax